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Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash uses a simple tapping/clicking system to control different vehicles that jumping when a player presses anywhere or space/up keys or mouse if playing on the PC version

Geometry Dash Game Free Online

Geometry Dash Game Free Online

Geometry Dash is a game where our sole objective is to avoid all the pitfalls we encounter along the stage, in order to complete the levels without our character cast end pieces.

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The object of the Geometry Dash is to complete a level by reaching its end; however, if the player dies at an obstacle, they will have to start over from the beginning. All levels (with the exception of three in the full version) are unlocked from the start, so they can be played out of order. Along the way, the player can collect up to three secret coins in each official level, which are scattered in either hidden or challenging areas.

By unlocking achievements, the player is rewarded with certain icons or colors, where they access the icon Kit to customize their icon. The player can also unlock other customization features, namely a selection of trails behind icons and a secondary color glow around the icon's black border.

In Geometry Dash you need to jump over all obstacles. Use your mouse or space bar to jump.

Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash.

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